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Fall Protection and Safety.

Sponseller Group’s most valuable asset is our employees. Therefore, safety is a paramount concern for all of its employees. We provide safety training for all our employees who provide on-site services.
We have several designers and engineers who are fall protection Qualified Person trained. These people have the engineering degree and the experience to design effective and practical fall protection systems. All systems are designed to meet current OSHA & ANSI standards.
In addition, other employees are fall protection Competent Person trained, thus enabling them to provide implementation, and monitoring of a fall protection system. They are able to perform fall protection surveys, inspect equipment, and implement fall protection rescue procedures. Field work employees are equipped with their own harnesses, ropes, and arrest gear.
Some of the services we have provided included plant wide evaluations to identify current and potential fall hazards or safety risks. Then afterwards we worked with facility personnel to develop a plan to eliminate or properly protect workers from the hazards and risks.
A partial list of clients we provide fall protection design service to include:
General Motors
NorthStar BlueScope Steel
Perstorp Polyols
Husky Lima Refinery
Campbell Soup Company
Detroit Edison

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