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Green Building Services.

Sponseller Group Embraces Green Building Design And LEED Certification

“Buildings annually consume more than 30% of the total  energy and more than 60% of the electricity used in the United States”1

LEED-Logo“Green building practices can substantially reduce or  eliminate negative environmental impacts through high-performance,  market-leading design, construction, and operations practices.  As an added benefit, green operations and  management reducing operating costs, enhances building marketability, increases  workers’ productivity, and reduces potential liability resulting from indoor  air quality problems”1   At Sponseller Group we recognize the need for  improvements in common design practice that takes into consideration design  sustainability, the working environment, energy and electrical usage, indoor  air quality, and of course return on investment.  To help you achieve your goals in Green  Building Design, we have taken a series of steps to serve you better:

  • Staffing – LEED AP on staff to guide you through  the LEED process as you consider certifying your next building project through  the USGBC (US Green Building Council) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and  Environmental Design).
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  • Programming – We perfect our skills and design  capabilities by utilizing the latest in design assistance programming.  These programs take into consideration Energy  Usage Models, Day lighting, Interior and Site Lighting, Complex HVAC Design Scenarios,  Energy Consumption Models, and Estimated Energy Savings to assist in Return on  Investment decision making.
  • Experience – USGBC in June, 2009 has updated the  LEED program to LEED v.3.  This update  has changed the LEED certification procedures and the credit scales.  SGI has already begun work on LEED project  utilizing the v.3 system and we are prepared to help you through the  transition.
  • Communication – The LEED process is one that  requires collaboration between the owners, designers, commissioning authorities  and contractors to insure the certification procedures are met within the  compliance standards specified by the USGBC.   Along with engineering design, we focus on project and construction  management, enabling us to better assist in the communications process between  the all parties involved, looking out for the owner’s goals and objectives,  while maintaining high design standards and a focus on project costs and  time lines.


1 – Green  Building Design and Construction, LEED Reference Guide for Green Building  Design and Construction, 2009 Edition

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