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Refinery and Process Piping.

Civil, Structural and Piping

Partial list of refinery projects:

Tail Gas Treater Unit Bundle Removal Structure

Fuel Tank Cone Roof Evaluation

Several Platform Installations to Replace Scaffolding Systems

Dike for Caustic Storage

Coker Unit Heater Outlet Piping Structural Supports

ISOM HPU Battery Limits Platform Structure

Eight Inch Fuel Gas Piping Reroute

Neshaps Wet Slop Line Reroute

Multiple Roadway, Bridge and Containment Dike Projects to Expose Previously Buried Pipes through Containment or Roadway Systems.

Fertilizer plant Pipe Stress Analysis using Intergraph’s Caesar II software


Sponseller modeled all the mechanical utilities piping and piping supports using our client’s P&ID. Utilizing SolidWorks Premium, our engineers placed the required piping runs in and around their 3D designed structure. The utilities involved included fresh water, process water, centrate and caustic systems. The design in three dimensions enabled our engineers to visually inspect for interferences while still in the design phase enabling a clean installation of the entire structure with no unforeseen problems. Sponseller provided the pipe spool fabrication detail drawings as well.


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