Machinery Design

Design new machinery with Sponseller Group Inc.

Sponseller Group Inc. can create machinery designs to meet your current manufacturing requirements. Due to their experience with many types of products, our mechanical group will work with your business to create a custom machinery design to improve your operations. If you need individual components, Sponseller Group Inc. can design mechanical assemblies, tooling and integrate components.

Sponseller Group Inc. designs machinery for all of these industries:

  • Automotive
  • Appliance
  • Metal casting
  • Heavy transportation
  • Mold applications
  • And others

Machinery design with latest software improves final product

Sponseller Group Inc. utilizes Inventor, SolidWorks, or Siemens NX for 3D mechanical design, simulation, and tooling creation to effectively communicate your design intent. Using Dell Precision Workstations with extensive RAM and nVidia professional graphics cards, our engineers and designers create assemblies fitted for functional, real-world environments. Individual machine components are tested using linear static analysis for suitable material strength employing SolidWorks Premium thus providing assurance that the part is properly sized for the operating stresses. Sponseller Group Inc. maintains machinery designs to strict standards, developing practical solutions for your business.

Sponseller Group Inc. specializes in these machinery designs:

  • Special use machines
  • Multi-station transfer lines
  • Robotics and end effectors
  • Machine assembly lines
  • Drilling and routing fixtures
  • Industrial oven designs
  • Machine adaptations
  • Feeding and weighing devices
  • And more

Sponseller Group Inc. will design at our facility or yours

Sponseller Group Inc. will engineer and design requested machinery at their site in Holland, Ohio or at your business’s facility. Working at your location can mean better communication, fewer mistakes, and a shorter time line. Sponseller Group Inc. will work to accommodate your business and machinery needs, offering efficient and courteous service that only years of experience brings.

Redesign, refitting available for machinery with Sponseller Group Inc.

Sponseller Group Inc. can design to retrofit and recondition existing machinery to better serve your business. To find out more, contact us today and find out about our machinery design services.

Begin designing with Sponseller Group Inc.

Ready to begin designing your business’s new machinery? Contact Sponseller Group Inc. for more information on new machinery designs. Sponseller Group Inc. is pleased to meet your business’s industrial needs.