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Sponseller Group Inc. has provided highly regarded services to the Ohio area for the past four decades. Looking to the future, the company foresees being a trusted partner in Northwest Ohio for manufacturers. Sponseller Group Inc. takes pride in its experienced, knowledgeable staff, and excellent customer service, serving all types of businesses. The company has an average employee longevity of 10.6 years and 505 years of combined experience.  What sets Sponseller Group apart is our quick response, quality drawings, attractive pricing and our personable staff.

Sponseller Group is known for providing responsive results from our well qualified staff

With our long history in the Ohio/Michigan area, Sponseller Group Inc. offers a wide range of services with a client oriented focus.  The company works with you to ensure your service is smooth and personalized. Choose quality, service and value by selecting Sponseller Group for your next project. Our firm continues to be the right choice for your engineering needs.

Why Choose Us?

Sponseller Group, Inc. is one of the largest multi-disciplined engineering firms in the Toledo, Ohio area.

  • You would like a fast response
  • You need the job completed correctly
  • You desire PE’s working and overseeing the project
  • The only area firm offering mechanical linear static analysis

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Certified knowledgeable staff

LEED-LogoSponseller Group Inc. has personnel that are LEED accredited for environmentally friendly buildings and systems.

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