Corporate and Manufacturing Office

Corporate and Manufacturing Office

PCS’s new 65,500 sq. ft. multi-story facility houses their complete administrative and engineering staff. It includes a fully functioning medical facility to include ambulatory care and plant fire protection services. State of the art laboratory facilities, conference rooms and meeting spaces, emergency response centers, and a full kitchen complements the surroundings. Employees even enjoy an exercise area to promote strength and well-being.

In addition to the administrative employees, the building houses the process personnel that maintain the plant. Maintenance personnel, welders, ironworkers, carpenters and craftsmen all have a place within the 34,000 sq. ft. of shop space incorporating vehicle wash and maintenance facilities, heavy crane operations, test stations, a paint booth, as well as break and locker facilities.

Finally, a 34,500 sq. ft. storage warehouse facility rounds off the complex with catalogued rack storage, custom gasket storage cabinets, and a Kardex materials filing system that automates material storage and recording options. This is but a brief description of a portion of the amenities and resources PCS desired and SGI incorporated into the facilities design.

SGI was proud to work with the PCS staff and quality contractors during the design and construction phases of this project. Today, PCS employees enjoy the benefits of a safer work environment, designed specifically with their needs and the environment in mind.