Maumee Branch Library Renovation

Toledo, Ohio

The original structure was built in 1916 as a gift from steel baron and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. This project was designed for the community by the community. Preservationists pleaded the case for saving the Andrew Carnegie Library while others demanded a new facility. Naturalists defended the trees and open land planning, while pragmatists sought parking areas close to the building. Persons with disabilities sought a barrier free library while through its history, various additions created six different levels. The result, that after careful analysis, the integrity of the original structure was protected. Necessary, long over-due, maintenance was performed addressing deteriorating masonry mortar joints and roof and flashing leaks. Sections of the library that no longer met the functional needs of the client were removed, demolished and taken away, leaving room for future growth and development. The end result is a vibrant 20,000 square foot facility that inspires learning at all levels.

Completed: 2001

Total Square Foot: 21,000


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June 28, 2019